A community built to prepare student's entering the tech industry with the relevant skillsets and connect them with tech companies that care about what they want.

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About Nigma

Nigma was created through the frustration of one Computer Science student that had always wanted to learn, but didn't know exactly what to learn. Founded in 2015, what started as a final year project has now grown to become a community of students that have a passion for the tech industry. It has now become the go-to resource to discover what other students are working on, educating on relevant skillsets and connecting with tech companies that have culture and mentorship at the focus of their workplace.

What We Offer


An opportunity to learn about the latest technology stacks and coding practices being demanded by the latest and greatest tech companies.


Allow you to network and connect with other passionate, like-minded individuals through our meetups.


From live coding demos to developers sharing their stories on side projects they are working on you get to discover how you can improve your craft.


We provide you with career opportunities to connect you with tech companies that actually care not just about their profits, but about nurturing their people.

It Goes Down In The DM

Are you looking to learn the latest skills that are being demanded by tech companies that care about what you want? Are you struggling to secure a junior engineer role? Then send us a message and we will do are best to help out!