A Community which is dedicated to keeping those about to enter NI's software development industry
 up-to-date on the latest skills, tech meetups and career prospects such as internships & graduate schemes.

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About Nigma

Nigma was created through the frustration of one Computer Science student that had always wanted to learn, but didn't know exactly what to learn. The main aim of Nigma is to try and bridge this gap between what software development students learn in education and what is being demanded in the workplace. With NI employers in high demand for top developers, we want to help empower students to help them reach their full potential through keeping them up to date on the latest technology stacks, tech meetups and career prospects. Our target audience is for senior students and graduates that are, either about to, or have just entered NI's software development industry.

Our Meet Ups

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An opportunity to learn about the latest technology stacks and coding practices being demanded by IT employers.


Allow students to network and connect with other passionate, like-minded developers over some casual beers and pizza.


From live coding demos to lightning talks that give students a chance to talk on a topic of their choice.


Speakers include software engineers representing the fastest growing software development firms in N.I.


10th September 2016

#HackTheHub is a 12 hour hackathon hosted by Nigma and Woman Who Code. With the theme of "Making Northern Ireland Better" we want to see what women coders and the student developer community can come up with to provide a solution that solves some of the real-world problems that NI faces today.

It Goes Down In The DM

Are you looking to learn the latest skills that are being demanded by tech companies that care about what you want? Are you struggling to secure a junior engineer role? Then send us a message and we will do are best to help out!